How about creating a new business (or transfer your existing one) and be granted a residency permit which will concede you the Portuguese Citizenship in 5 years?

Interested in a new business in Portugal?

Or simply expand your existing business to Portugal?

Thousands of people are attracted every year by Portugal.

Being probably the most consensual paradise in the European Union, Portugal has several points that make this country one of the best countries in the world to invest.

For instance, how about creating a new business (or transfer your existing one) and be granted a residency permit which will concede you the Portuguese Citizenship in 5 years?

Why not, at the same time, apply for some European funds to grow your business, as Portugal is set to receive 25 billion Euro from the European Union (under the program Portugal 2020), to stimulate growth and job creation?

Don’t forget that basing your business in Portugal allows you equal access and taxation to the central Europe markets.

So, whether you are looking to create a new business or transfer an existing one, we can – and will – assist you throughout the whole process.

We handle all the bureaucracy while you focus in what is important: business!

First, the worst part: bureaucracy. In order to start your new business – or relocate an existing one – you will need to gather some documentation. You will need, for a start, to apply for the following documents:

These procedures can be quite frustrating and time consuming.

We will handle all the fuss and, through a Power of Attorney (PoA), we can get all those documents in 24/48 hours. Easy, right?

Why should you choose us to handle your case?

Each of our attorneys is registered at the Portuguese Bar Association for, at least, 15 years. Your issues will be handled by experienced attorneys, not by interns or junior lawyers.

Every member of our team is fluent in, at least, Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

We are a multidisciplinary team focused in the client and we offer extremely competitive prices. Feel free to get a free quote for your business.

Complete quotation covering all costs

We are proud of our transparency. When you ask us for a quotation, we can give you the total costs that you will have to incur. We will include our fixed attorney fees, administrative costs, Public Registry Office costs and any other expenses.  This way you know what to count with since the beginning.

SIMPLY Setting up a subsidiary?

Our team has a background in setting up multi-national businesses in Portugal. We know all the administrative processes that have to be followed in order to operate in Portugal and all of the corporate law options you will need to decide upon: capital outlay, type of liability, taxation, dividends, contracts and so on…

Whether your concerns are about the liability of the foreign parent company, patents, royalties or plain dividends, we will present a tailored work proposal suited to all your needs.

In many cases, it is advised to opt for a Portuguese branch, instead of a new corporate. Please have in mind that, according to the Portuguese Law, a branch is simply an establishment with autonomous management and permanent representation, linked to the parent company. These subsidiaries can only be created under the control of non-resident parent company and they are limited economic activities in Portuguese territory. Unlike subsidiaries, they lack legal personality and will not be a separate entity, but a mere extension of its parent company.

Main advantages:

The parent company will always maintain control of legal personality and is always subordinated to the parent company

Does not require a minimum capital stock

The legal representative – or representatives – appointed by a parent company acts as agents and manage the branch

Representative Office

Creating a representative office in Portugal will allow your existing foreign company to:

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