Portuguese Citizenship for People from Macao

Unlike Portugal, China does not admit dual nationality but maintains a position of tolerance towards its own nationals who maintain or acquire Portuguese nationality, if not by connection with the territory.

With the entry into force of the new Nationality Law, only Macanese born to a Portuguese father or mother began to be considered Portuguese. In addition to these, Macanese are entitled to Portuguese nationality:

Naturally, their descendants, born after 20 December 1999, have the right to Portuguese nationality.

To acquire Portuguese nationality, Macanese who meet these requirements must register their birth in the Portuguese civil registry. If you are considering registering you should seek advice from your attorney at law.

After the Portuguese citizenship is recognized, you will obtain a citizen card and/or issue a Portuguese passport, one of the most powerful high ranking in the world. Portuguese passport gives access to travel freely in Schengen countries and UK, no need for visit visa.

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