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D7 Visa – Portugal Residence permit

What is the Portugal D7 Visa?

The D7 Visa is the Portuguese Residence program aimed at those who can live off their income. Initially, it was created thinking mostly on those who are retired and live of their pensions (designated as passive income). However, the concept of “passive income”, for this Visa, was extended and, nowadays, the D7 Visa is granted to those who have pensions, rents, dividends, interests, or income for their intellectual property.

Also known as the retirement Visa or Passive Income Visa, was introduced in 2007 by the Portuguese government, allowing non-European Union/Iceland/Liechtenstein/Norway/Swiss citizens to apply for this temporary residency in Portugal. It has also been used by people wishing to obtain Portuguese Citizenship and/or a permanent residency permit, which occurs after five years of legal residence in Portugal, based on the D7 Visa.

The D7 Visa has attracted for the past years, many foreign retirees, investors, and digital nomads (freelancers* and remote workers*), living off of their monthly income foreign-sourced. This is why it is now generally called of Passive Income Visa

Both digital nomads and remote workers now follow a different separate procedure, under a new Visa created for these applicants only, with different financial requirements. If this is your case, click on the digital nomad separator on the top right corner option.

Beside the proof of stable passive income, the main applicant must also transfer to a Portuguese Bank Account the amount of roughly around EUR 8.460,00 – or EUR 12.690,00, in case of a couple.

At the end of the 5th year of residence in Portugal, you have the right to the Portuguese Passport and/or you can renew your residence permit again, this time for 10 years, becoming a permanent resident.

Benefits of the D7 Visa

requirements for the D7 Visa

First, you will need the Portuguese TIN (NIF, in Portuguese) and the assignment of a Tax Representative

Before any residency visa application, it is mandatory to acquire a Portuguese Tax number, also known as the Número de Identificação Fiscal (or NIF). Without this step, you will not be allowed to open a bank account, sign a lease contract to buy a property, a vehicle, or even start your new or existing business in Portugal.

It is recommended to have a Portuguese Lawyer or Solicitor as your tax representative, due to the responsibility of such position and to the strict rules of professional behavior that are not assured by any other professional association.

With a Power of Attorney issued for this purpose, we can obtain your NIF in a few days.

Portuguese Bank account

Even if it is very easy for a non-resident or foreign citizen to open a bank account in Portugal, the problem is that you will be opening a bank account remotely. Therefore, any bank will impose stricter rules for this procedure. It is very usual to assist our clients in this procedure, assuring that the bank account is open and activated in a matter of days. Single applicants must fund the account with a minimum amount of €8.460. Married couples are required to have a minimum amount of €12.690 deposited into their join bank account.

D7 passive Income

Ammount of Passive Income Monthly Yearly
Individual Application
Application for one couple
Extra per Additional Dependent
Application for a family of 4 (2 minor children)

D7 Visa passive income examples


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accommodation in Portugal

When you are applying for the D7 Visa, you are required to present proof of accommodation. Please note that you don’t have to buy property for such purpose, but you should present, at least, a rental agreement (ideally for 12 months) or a sworn statement/affidavit from a friend or family member living in Portugal, attesting that you will live in their property.

Until 2021, hotel reservations and airbnb™ bookings were accepted but, at this moment, such documents are being rejected by most Portuguese Consulates as proof of accommodation.


We can provide you with assistance before you arrived in Portugal. If you are considering buying or renting a property, we can advise you regarding the property’s due diligence/conveyance and even help you on choosing the best location according to your preferences, helping you with neighborhood choices, choosing the best location in terms of doctors and hospitals, and whatever is necessary to make your relocation as smooth as possible.

Health Insurance

All the citizens who are applying for the D7 Visa, including their family members, must present health Insurance coverage with a validity date of 12 months. This insurance must cover medical repatriation, medical emergency, and/or hospital emergency, and the minimum required coverage is 30.000,00€. Please have in mind that travel insurances are commonly NOT accepted.

Note: After you get your resident permit card, you and your family can apply for the Portuguese health care card, and the insurance is no longer mandatory.

Clean Criminal Record

Applicants older than 16 years old must present a certificate of criminal record, issued by the country of origin. If you have any minor felonies, please contact us, so we can provide full assistance. The Portuguese law requires that any convictions can not be punishable with one year or more of imprisonment, according to the Portuguese Penal Code. That’s why these records must be validated by a Portuguese Lawyer.


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d7 passive income steps

Portuguese D7 Visa

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